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Cheap agri land in Uthumalai

SEEDLING AGRO Pvt., Ltd.,  Proudly launching his 12th successful venture of agriculture farm layout named VAIGAI . This layout ...... aimed at improving production......nch land and timber production...... View More..

Accounts & Finance: ASSISTANT Manager Accounts Chennai based corn

ASSISTANT Manager Accounts for Chennai based corn - pany. Candidatesw ith TALLY knowJedge and having experience in finalisation of accounts.PF,E ...... View More..

General: WANTED FemaJeBranch Manager & CRC Salnryupto

WANTED FemaJeBranch Manager & CRC Salnryupto 35000 experienced in M atrimonyField@ TNagar with good Comm unication skill & Computer know ...... View More..

General: WANTED Chennai Recently Retd VRS Male Female

WANTED Chennai Recently Retd/ VRS Male/Female with Dog for Consultants Manager Post. 75501 02156 ...... View More..

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Part Time Jobs: JOB OPENING MNC Part Full Time Retd

JOB OPENING in MNC Part/Full Time for Retd / VRS, Self Employed & Home Makers. Income 50k pm wrkg 4 hrs per day, Age 2764, Ct: 82176 31664. View More..

Part Time Jobs

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