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Consultancy: WE undertake registration & renewal shop

WE undertake registration & renewal of shop and establishment, factory act, EPF, ESIC and other labour laws , Salary & ......Business...... View More..

Situation Vacant: MAPLE Bear Canadinn Preschoolishiringa lady CenterCoordmator

MAPLE Bear Canadinn Preschoolishiringa lady CenterCoordmator. Location :P orvorim .DailyTiming: 8am - 2pm, M onday - Saturday. Candidate Age group ......ation s/ HR/ Sales/ Business...... View More..

Business Offers: MOVIE stories A tale nted story riter

MOVIE stories.A tale nted story w riter w an ts to ft r n o r sell h is stories into M ovies. P roducers please w ha tsapp m View More..

Business Offers: WANTED genuine vest internationaibranded school C

WANTED genuine inv e s to r s to m vest m a n internationaibranded school. C ontact 853027 0863 View More..

Business Offers: MAKE Max Profits Crypto Currencies W ithoutJearn

MAKE Max Profits, from Crypto Currencies,W ithoutJearn ing to trade. Intro Offer of No Registra tio n F e e s. S ta rt with jst 10,000/Just log on to View More..

Business Offers: FOR LIC Policies LIC Agency availabJe

FOR LIC Policies and LIC Agency availabJe at your doorstep. C on tact: +091-xxxxxxxxxx View More..

Business Offers: TISSUE Paper unit Rent soft T

TISSUE Paper unit on Rent hard and soft T issue m achines w ith Printing available contact for details +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx View More..

Situation Vacant: NEW Openings &esher experience Goa Jobs Hotels

NEW Openings for &esher / experience in Goa.Jobs in Hotels Th du stry, M e ch an ic a] E ngineers,P roduction M anagers,Logistic, Receptionist, M anager, C om puter View More..