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Personality Development: PROF AgneiCrasto Trainer Icon Teaches E

PROF. AgneiCrasto, Trainer Icon Teaches E nglish, F rench, Lead ership, Pub1c Speakmg, Personality Developm ent,M md Control, Interview s,Voca] ...... View More..

Situation Vacant: WANTED Service E ngineer Technician D

WANTED Service E ngineer / Technician :D iplom a / IT un E Jectrical / EJectronics contact for Thterview 0832242 ...... View More..

Situation Vacant: WANTED TV Radio Technicinn III E JectricaljeJectronics

WANTED TV/Radio Technicinn : III in E JectricaljeJectronics contact for Thterview 0832242 1613, 2233517 ...... View More..

Situation Vacant: REQUIRED a]] Beautician H airdresser fern al e

REQUIRED a]] round Beautician/H airdresser fern al.e for a reupted 20 year old salon in D ubai.Loo king for an experienced and prefessional beautician/hairdresser with a]] round beauty salon skills. View More..

For Rent: FOR Rent De]ux 3 BH} VillasandlBH}

FOR Rent De]ux 3 BH}. VillasandlBH}. F lats at N ova C idade E n c lay e A ito ...... View More..

Situation Vacant: WANTED female Assistantwho ledge puter &esh

WANTED female Assistantwho has know - ledge of com puter &esh faces are welcom e Scene SenscFi]m sPro du ctio ......e...... View More..

For Sale: FOR SaJe 1 9000m 2 lnnd

FOR SaJe 1. 9000m 2 prim e lnnd in Vagator, 500mts &om Chapora River for Sale/JV; 2. 1800m 2 corner ...... View More..

For Rent: I I I I I I

I I : i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ......IGN Bunga]ow avai1b]e...... View More..

Miscellaneous: WE collect Scrap Laptop Th rto

WE collect Scrap Laptop, Th v e rto r B a LLe ry, Computer Set, Cars, Scooter, AC, LCD, LED,Fridge, ...... View More..

Tours & Travels: VEENA World internationalHoliday Pack Europe Am

VEENA World internationalHoliday Pack ages to Europe, Am erica, South A&ica, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Scandinavia, China, Japan, ......East etc attra ctiv e...... View More..

Situation Vacant: WANTED forcalicen M argao &esh good

WANTED forcalicen ter in M argao .&esh ers w ith good comm unication skills.U ndergraduates w elcom e. Sainry best ...... View More..

Situation Vacant: WANTED FemaJe Supervisor office located atCam

WANTED: FemaJe Supervisor for a office located atCam pal.Bas ic know ledge of corn - puter w ould be preferable. ...... em all your resurn e...... View More..

Situation Vacant: WANTED anAccoun private company distinction M

WANTED anAccoun tant for a private ltd company, distinction in M .Com .A cc o u n ts. & B.Com ......OOO/ Ern all resurn e...... View More..

For Sale: 557M 2 D eveloped Plot Construction

557M 2 D eveloped Plot with Construction Approvals ,ExcellentM andoviRiver & SeaView ,ReisM agos, Betirn. -Porvorirn. ,80% FSI , East ......ClearTitJe ,P rirrt e...... View More..

Fitness Service: FOR Fitness training horn certified F

FOR Fitness training at horn e by a certified F itness train er.C ontact +091-xxxxxxxxxx only for ladies & retired ...... View More..