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Consultancy: WE provide consultancy services R E

WE provide consultancy services for R E R A R egistratio n to Real estate procts and agents. Contact immediately ...... View More..

Situation Vacant: VACANCY forReceptionist D ataE ntry ope

VACANCY forReceptionist/ D ataE ntry ope rato r in a C 0 fl stru ction Corn pany in Panji rn ...... View More..

For Sale: FLATS SaJe atPanaji 1 360m2 4Bhk

FLATS for SaJe atPanaji 1. 360m2 large 4Bhk, thrnished flat w ith servant Q uarter and 2 Car Parks at ......a rrio LL, M iram a r...... View More..

For Sale: FULLY thrnished 2BH} sale P irit

FULLY thrnished 2BH}. for immediate sale in P o iv o r irit in a Gated Complex. Cal] 94223 07335 ...... View More..

For Sale: PROPERTY SaJe Large Sea View Agricu

PROPERTY for SaJe Large Sea View Agricu itu ra 1 P 1t w ith OldHouseatSiolirn ;2. R iverview A gricu ...... View More..

For Sale: FOR sale prem ium 3BH} terrace

FOR sale prem ium 3BH}. terrace penthouse, 343m 2w ith private Schindlerlift,Itahan m arble flooring designed in Portugu e s ......r...... View More..

Business Offers: DO wantto Autorn atic Rem N

DO you wantto make Autorn atic Rem ote N ew /0 id G ates/D oors ShuLLer / Autom a tic ......r...... View More..

Situation Vacant: 1 Wanted Computer Typist To Work

1. Wanted Computer Typist To Work In Pathology Lab, 8:30- 5:30 P.M . Rs. 8000/ 2. A iso W orker ......W ith B io d a ta D r...... View More..

For Rent: I I I I I I

I I : i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ......N Bunga]ow avai1b]e r...... View More..

Miscellaneous: WE collect Scrap Laptop Th rto

WE collect Scrap Laptop, Th v e rto r B a LLe ry, Computer Set, Cars, Scooter, AC, LCD, LED,Fridge, ...... View More..