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For Sale: Heat Proof Sunrays Reflective Coating Apply

Heat Proof /Sunrays Reflective Coating Apply on RCC Slab, Tin / Factory Roof & Wall. Reduces room Temperature.# +091-xxxxxxxxxx View More..

Armaflex® ltd - armacell india

Highly-flexible, closed-cell cryogenic insulation material for use in Armaflex Cryogenic Systems, providing reliability and performance on industrial process pipework and tanks. Key Features Stays flexible at low temperatures Reduces the View More..

Acoustic duct insulation material suppliers in india

Key Features • Active protection against microbes such as bacteria and fungi/mold/mildew • Promotes better indoor air quality • Increased long term thermal efficiency • Lifelong built-in product anti-microbial protection View More..

Machinery & Tools: PLASTIC Reprocessing Unit For Sale With

PLASTIC Reprocessing Unit For Sale With 90 mm Fully Automatic Extuder, Grinder, Mixer etc. Contact: +091-xxxxxxxxxx View More..